Aug 26, 2022
For some reason tonight is bad. I’ve been depressed all day, my wife called me in the middle of a meeting to yell at me about the vacuum cleaner not being empty. I got nothing done at work, am being audited by the CRA, and feel incredibly lonely. Once I got home, my wife yelled at me because I had nothing to say (not surprising after getting yelled at all day), and then just yelled at me that I didn’t say a nice good night to her. I’m in the basement, and thinking about how to kill myself. I say it out loud, loudly, but no one hears. Or cares.

I stopped wearing a seatbelt in the car years ago, won’t go see a doctor about a persistent cough, and just want to passively die. But tonight I feel more active.

Even my daughter coming home this weekend isn’t enough to keep me from thinking about this. She already canceled on weekend, and has cancelled one day this weekend. There’s no reason to stick around.


Wish that I was gone.
Sep 24, 2020
It sounds really awful what you are going through and I understand that it’s dreadful when you have to endure so much suffering. This life really is just so depressing, and I agree that most people don’t care about others and only care about what directly affects themselves. I wish you freedom.
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Lost Magic

Lost Magic

May 5, 2020
Constant nagging can be really upsetting. I am lucky I don't have that problem (I have plenty more though). I hope you can find a way to work things out with your family.


Jan 27, 2021
Being treated like that by your significant other would depress anyone. I am also very grateful to be single


Sep 3, 2022
I'm sorry that you're suffering. But I am somewhat envious of your position. Speak to your wife, tell her how you feel. You have nothing to lose now anyway.