Aug 4, 2018
What would be the odds of failing to die from such a jump ? Knowing that i don't know how to swim so i might get better odds.

My first choice is N but since i'm not sure i can get it, i want to keep open to alternatives, and i have to have clear alternatives plans else i get a panik attack about not being able to commit suicide and getting stuck in this shitty awful joke of a life, so i'm compiling a list.

I chose Turkey because people from my country (Morocco)can get there without a Visa, but if you know good locations to jump from in France or other part of Europe you can recommand them too i can get a Schengen visa.

Thanks in advance.
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Lara Francis

Lara Francis

Jun 30, 2018
A man did comitt suicide from this bridge in March 16.They tried to bring him back but he was gone.