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Nov 16, 2022
I just read a forum thread about the most suicidal jobs, in the sense which jobs tend to end up high on the lists of suicide victims.
Police officers, soldiers, doctors, nurses, prostitutes, financial service workers.

I wonder what jobs are at the another end of the scale. Any guess?

My guesses are garden designer, astronomer, museums curator... Can you name any jobs that are even less stressful?


Oct 17, 2019
Librarian - but good luck getting a job in that field.

I got a masters in library and information science from the 3rd best library school in the country with a 3.889 GPA and can’t even get job interviews, so now I have a job where I deal with people all the time and it stresses me out to the the point where I basically have constant suicidal ideation (it’s a comfort because it’s the only control I have over this shitty, absolutely awful career that I ended up in).

never mind me

Nov 7, 2022
I don't really know. And you also have to take into acoount that it might not be the stress level of a job that makes the difference, but some jobs having higher suicide rates can also be due to stuff like availability of means for suicide (like certain medications for doctors and nurses, guns for soldiers), self selection of people for certain jobs (for example people who suffered sexual abuse are more likely to work as prostitutes than people who didn't while being a victim of sexual abuse makes it also more likely to become mentally ill later in life which in turn can be a reason to commit suicide).
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Rounded Apathy

Rounded Apathy

Longing to return to stardust
Aug 8, 2022
Doesn't it depend on the person? You could hate a job I love, and vice versa. Whatever promotes well-being for a given individual would be protective. Neutral work probably has little effect.

Librarian - but good luck getting a job in that field.

I got a masters in library and information science from the 3rd best library school in the country with a 3.889 GPA and can’t even get job interviews
Oh man...this is a vocation I think I'd really enjoy and do well in, so this is sad to read. Would relocation be a worthwile strategy, or have you already tried/considered it?


Nov 18, 2022
Engineering maybe? School is tough but the jobs from what I’ve seen are very comfortable. Aside from that, probably careers that have the highest satisfaction rate too
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Jul 15, 2022
audiovisual communicator
film director
orchestra conductor


A boring person
Oct 27, 2021
Hairdressers/barbers are reported to be among the happiest people in the professional world. Marketing is probably great too but only if you're a higher-up. Low-level marketing employees are typically being exploited like crazy, speaking out of personal experience here.