Gray Wounds

Gray Wounds

A Phantasmagoria
Jun 27, 2018
I lost my last hope for a better blade. I think my supposedly supplier was alarmed of me doing self harm (by who Idk,or if it is even real). But she really told me that her box of blades is gone. It's a single edged one and is also large enough for me to easily press down to my radial artery. The plan A was fucking sabotaged.

My plan B is still by using a double edged blade. It won't be that hard to do it for me but I still hope I got my hands on the blade I want.

And now I still have to wait for August before I could start cutting again (so that the woman who adopted me will not notice it) (i lost my room together with my privacy) and so that I could finally CTB. The misfortunes regarding my exiting made matters worse for me. And damn, I think i'm becoming a schizo.
ultraviolet sin

ultraviolet sin

Jul 17, 2018
My apologies man..I don’t know how I’d spin my daily life back for a short number of months like that. :I
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