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Aug 9, 2018
I have been happier the past few days. I haven't woke up hating waking up which is a really big deal for me recently. Have some doctors this week and I am beginning to think everything might be okay. Maybe I just need a fresh start? Been active the past week, going out, seeing my family, and having fun. Tons of great food, wine, and beer while I was visiting. I am sitting in the airport now kinda sad to be going home I will miss them, but I get to come back in January so I'm excited to see them again. I guess I cant say its 100% the medication though my therapist pointed out that I am the one making the steps the medications just help me achieve that. Those dark places seem endless sometimes.


Sep 9, 2018
Good for you Patkat! I think most important is to make the effort and give it your best shot if you can. Once you've done that, there's always another time to throw in the towel if need be.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Aug 27, 2018
I'm really happy for you! Maybe you can move on and out from here and see a brighter future! (like most people here I'm pro CHOICE not pro SUICIDE so I think it's great when people get better/decide not to CTB).


Cosmic panic
May 18, 2018
Currently Depakote ER and Lexapro.

Good news that you're feeling better.

Does lexapro increase your appetite? I just started it a couple of weeks ago and I'm ravenous. And my stupid skin is breaking out.
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