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Lara Francis

Lara Francis

Jun 30, 2018
Just a quick question please
There are a few people that I would like to follow but when I go on their profile to do this,it says member limits what can be seen.
I guess that means I can't follow them.
Why do you need to limit what is seen when most of the time it's just states gender ,date joined etc and nothing identifing or personal?
Just curious.


I'll See You Guys On The Other Side Of The Rainbow
Aug 26, 2018
Doesn't a general profile box pop up with details that allows you to follow someone? You don't have to go directly to a persons profile page to follow them - you can click their name and follow them, or hover over your username in the right corner and click 'people you follow' and then manually type in a person's username and add them to your list of people you follow.

But, to your question: Maybe they don't realize they've limited their profile page. Maybe they don't want to showoff how many followers they have. Maybe they don't want others to see their recent activity list. Maybe they don't want to make it easy for people to look through their posts (luckily, we've got the search tool!).


Aug 31, 2018
It also shows you everything you have posted and commented on. I know people can get around that with the search function but it makes me a bit more comfortable for whatever reason.