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    In light of recent events, all community members in the US should reach out to their representative in regards to the Stop Online Suicide Assistance Forums Act that has been introduced in congress. This bill, if passed, could criminalize this community and hold it liable for simply hosting information.

    You should be able to locate and contact your represenative by going to this website. You can also contact Lori Trahan, the one spearheading this bill by calling her office at (202) 225-3411 or by leaving a message on the contact form on her site.

    One of the best ways to combat this is to make your voice heard. We're not political activists, but we made this notice to let you know that you do have a voice and that you do have representives that represent you in congress.


Oct 13, 2022
I would venture to say most members here have higher than average IQs. I took either this test or another similar not too long ago and was also in the same range of the above members.
Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

Sep 9, 2018
I got 102, which makes me the stupidest member of the forum. But to be fair, @jodes2 was looking over my shoulder and copying all my answers, which I found very distracting. Needless to say, his IQ is the same as mine.
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Rounded Apathy

Rounded Apathy

Longing to return to stardust
Aug 8, 2022
I retried in a much better state of mind which I didn't feel was cheap since you don't actually know if you got any right (though lost time at the end cause I really had to fuckin' pee) and got 128. I skipped any I didn't know cause I didn't want a lucky guess to factor in...but I still don't know if I'd have got any of those last few. They get really god damn confusing.
Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Oct 10, 2018
I took the test and it came back with this message does this mean I'm so incredibly stupid I don't even REGISTER LOL:blarg:


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Jan 26, 2021
It said my IQ was 210 and that my penis was thirteen inches long. Feeling good in mom's basement now that I got my ego-number down.

I took the test and it came back with this message does this mean I'm so incredibly stupid I don't even REGISTER LOL:blarg:
Either that, or the counting game has made you more powerful than anyone could have anticipated.

Jokes aside, I'm a midwit. Fucking hate it, but you get the brain you get.


Aug 18, 2020
Honestly I am kind of scared what the result would be.

I often wish I would be very smart and I get a lot of self-esteem by this illusion.

Though I think my intelligence in such a test would either be average or slightly above average.

Still people calling me smart a lot of times in real life (because I secretly study so much) I am a fraud and I derail this thread. Maybe I will do the test during my next vacation. Though it could severely damage my ego. Lol.
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