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Jul 7, 2021
I found out about MHTFR mutation which cause lower B vitamin absorption and thus deficiency. Group B vitamins cause lower production of neurotransmitters and can cause mental illness. Read more in sources:

My family from side of mother as well as me has history of adhd or depression. My mother also has deficiency of B vitamins and has to supplement folic acid. My grandfather, from side of mother had cardiovascular disease.
I have been diagnosed with depression and ADD in childhood. It makes me suspect I might carry these gene. I mind you this gene is common in 10% of population, so It is not that uncommon. Also You have higher chance and worse symptoms if both of your parents carry same gene mutation.

Treatment: Watch resources. Folic acid won't work, neither does synthetic vitamin B. Only methylated version will work. Please visit r/MTHFR subreddit and read articles.
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