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dumb of ass
Dec 14, 2021

Waking up to your compliment makes suicide sex-positive
It's good for us depressives to keep someone else alive

White Is Relic / Irrealis Mood is a really good album in general, but this song is an instant fave.
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Jul 22, 2021
Welcome to a Music Megathread!
Post your favorite music or least favorite music and talk about it. Why do we enjoy it? Why do we like it? Why don't we like it?

Don't just post a video, post a sentence or a few about the song! Give us an idea about how you feel about it. Try to put some substance into it.

If you're responding to a post, please don't quote the entire video or post a video, unless your response requires a video. Just quote what they said, and how you feel about it.

Please be respectful!
I'm just feeling Otis at the moment. He died young ... aged 26 - in a plane crash. The song was released shortly after this death.


Mar 23, 2018
Cradle Of Filth-From Cradle To Enslave :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

This is From the cradle to enslave
Two thousand fattened years like maniacs
Have despoiled our common grave
Now what necrophagous second coming
Backs from the cradle to enslave?
Sickle constellations
Stud the belts that welt the sky
Whilst the bitter winter moon
Prowls the clouds, dead-eyed
Shifting parent flesh, silk matricide
Watchful as she was upon eden
Where every rose arbour and orchard she swept
Hid the hissing of a serpent libido
In an ancient tryst with catastrophe
Soon hear that hissing now on the breeze
As through the plundered groves of the carnal garden
A fresh horror blows but ten billion souls
Are blind to see the rotting wood for the trees
This is the theme to a bitter armageddon
Nightchords rake the heavens
What use are prayers to that God?
As devils bay concenus for the space to piss
On your smouldering faith
And the the mouldering face
Of this world long a paradise lost
This is the end of everything
(Hear the growing chora that a new dawn shall bring)
Dance macabre 'neath the tilt of the zodiac
Now brighter stars shall reflect on our fate
What sick activities will be freed when those lights burn black?
The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back
I see the serpentine in your eyes
The nature of the beast as revelations arrive
Our screams shall trail to angels
Damned in flames repay
All sinners lose their lot on judgement day
We should have cut our losses as at calvary
But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief
Salvation, like a promised nation
Gleamed a claim away
This is the end of everything you have ever known
Buried like vanquished reason
Death in season
Driven like the drifting snow
Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising war
On our knees or another fucker's shore
Heiling new flesh
To a crooked cross and a holy cause
What else be whipped to frenzy for?
This is the end of everything
Old adversaries, next of Eve
Now they're clawing back
I smell their cumming as through webbed panes of meat
Led by hoary death, they never left
Dreaming sodomies
We've bled upon our knees
Tablatures of gravel law
Shall see Gehennah paved
When empires fall and nightmares crawl
From the, from the cradle to enslave

Will you put my hands away?
Will you be my man?
Serve it up, don't wait
Let's see about this ham

Oh, what happened?

Homespun desperation's knowing
Inside your cover's always blown

I had to look up the meaning of this song.:wink: I guess it's about you and your hubby. :hug:
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Mar 23, 2018
R.I.P. Tiffini Hale :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Not sure how popular the group The Party was I just remember hearing this when I was really really young.

The Party-In My Dreams:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:



broken body, broken mind
Aug 2, 2020

An unbearably cool Japanese electronic group from the 90s.


Oct 13, 2021

I remember hearing this in April 2020 and it touched my heart in a way that’s very rare. It’s a section of a song that’s around 17 minutes in its entirety.

A German folk song, (and not a Nazi song).
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