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Sep 19, 2018
Growing up, I barely got to see him because my biomom only allowed visitation rights once every other week. Cried almost every night for my grandparents when I was a small child.

When I did get to visit him, we would sleep in the same bed (don’t get any bad ideas now). He put me to sleep telling me about his experiences in World War II. He told me of how he went though the Strait of Gibraltar...could see vote Africa and Spain. He was a combat engineer. He would scout out areas for the allies because the terrain was similar to our state. When he was in Italy, they went house to house fighting. He opened one door and saw an old man shaking...he told everyone to hold their fire and leave him alone. In France, when he was scouting out bdriges, he saw a man.....then did this move that was designed to break a persons back. Then he discovered that it was a French farmer. He could never forgive himself for that. He finally made it to Germany near the wars end. He brought back a shit load of Nazi memorabilia - a Nazi armband, a Nazi pendant, and an empty pack of smokes with Hitlers face on the back.

When he returned from Europe in 1946, his fiancé was pregnant with another child. He said she came off from the bus and hugged him. When he seen she was carrying, his arms just went stiff. He refused to ever speak to her again.

My grandpa was the most kindest man I have ever seen. I get misty eyed when ever I remember gim saying that trying to save me from my biomom was worse than his experiences in World War II. I don’t see how but I take his word for it.

2 years before I was born, he had to quit his job due to aspestos poisoning - died in 1995. I don’t remember a time when he didn’t have lung trouble. Yet he would do everything for me no matter what. If anyone should be considered a hero it was Him!

He was MY hero! My biodad was too busy not giving a fuck and drinking hard liquor to care. The last two years of my grandpas life were the worst. I remember him screaming LET ME DIE NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THIS as the EMTs arrived. I’d go to my bedroom and ball my eyes out.

He died suffering. The doctors probed his lungs and busted a huge ball of fleah causing him to choke to death. When he died, I felt as if he was finally liberated. I’ll never forget my grandpa, my hero, my father figure.