Fleeting glimpse of existence
Oct 11, 2019
I have an aversion to office work, or even freelance work.

I realised this long back but I still continued to try and achieve a few things so I wouldn't feel entirely worthless.

Basically, all I want to do is sit still and do nothing. Responsibility of any kind bores me. However, I will occasionally take small responsibility to push my life ahead. But it's usually followed by periods of sitting idle again.

My inability to CTB has now made my life a living hell because I had honestly hoped based on my unsolvable problems that I would CTB long back. But I haven't and that has ruined my life since I now have to live with this.

I am just unable to sacrifice my time working for anything and that has been such a weakness that I contemplate CTB more often than not these days.


I want to sleep for an eternity
Sep 24, 2020
It does frustrate me how we were forced into this life without choice and we have all these expectations and responsibilities placed upon us. I do not ever want to do much either, everything causes me stress, I want nothing to do with this life. Of course ctb should not be so difficult, we deserve a right to die. It is an awful feeling being trapped in this horrible life. I wish you the best, whatever happens.
Rational man

Rational man

Oct 19, 2021
Offices are often filled with gossips and bitches who are they themselves jaded with life. Monumental hair is a warning sign. Their personal life is often dragged into the office in the hope they can dump their crap on to the next vicrim which masquerades as bullying . beware any man with a large cock. You will be sort after or sort over by the office maneater.

Self employment is hard but utterly rewarding on your terms. You find vocation . Ive done for Years and would never return to office life if i could.