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Aug 6, 2022
I really is one of the people that should have killed themselves. I'm actually hideous and deformed as fuck, instead my mother raised me like a normal kid. Which is the first big mistake they did. They should have really aboorted me the moment I was born. Instead they let me studymaxx for 22 years in this belltower of darkness which is this room, hired tutors to make up with the lack of social interaction, and kept me coping with video games, all while wasting time hirign tutors and stuff.


Jun 16, 2020
Sorry to hear of your plight, but your parents were probably doing what they thought was best.


Feb 15, 2022
Parents are selfish AF. Most of them only care how they feel, not about what's best for the kid. For a prime example look at Archie battersbee or Charlie Gard's parents.

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May 4, 2022
That sounds so sad. You must have been very lonely. I'm so sorry.

I guess they wanted to spare you the cruelty of the other children in a school but doesn't sound like they gave so much thought to how you would be able to cope when you had to enter the real, shitty world.

My parents were told it would be a medical impossibility for them to have children... Unfortunately, the medical 'proffessionals' were wrong and here I am. If only we were given the choice whether to come into this world.