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Aug 27, 2018
This test is so fucking bad and the 2 option questions doesn´t make sense in many of the questions like this one.
- Being an authority doesn´t mean that much to me
- People always seem to recognize my authority

The first one tells something about if you want to have authority over others and the second one asks if people recognize your authority, see two different questions stupid test.

Results: 27/40


Sep 9, 2018
Yea I found this test to be really dumb just like most personality tests. What if the subject is naturally good at influencing people, considers that they themself might be special due to superior skills/intelligence, or thinks they would make the world a better place if they were to rule over it. You can't deny facts in the hope of not testing positive as a narcissist.

Choosing answers on that side of the spectrum doesn't have to be because of an irrational and unwarranted self-love. Narcissism is a negative quality indicative of unworthy self bias. On this test a non-narcissistic person could still score 10 points, which isn't fair.

Either that or I'm a dumbass with a hint of narcissism in denial.