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Jul 21, 2018
I have around 2 months left to finish my unfinished business then I am finally ending it. Still I would like to have my method and all substances/resources ready to use if something happens and to just feel relief and freedom to be able to do it whenever I feel like it.

Sadly after reading alot of this forum/books/guides it seems that all my preferential methods are highly unavailable in my location (Central Europe) - firearms/nembutal and/or too hard to pull off in my situation (still living with my familly). The next on my list is sodium nitrite poisoning and that's the way I'm leaning towards at this point.

I have gathered some resources already:
Sodium Nitrite (99% NaNO2 clean, atleast that's what the label says),
Metoclopramide (10g pills)
Ranitidine (150 mg pills)
some weak painkillers (paracetamol/ibuprofen only)

Doses and timing:
  • 24h before:
Stop eating and drink only water from this point
  • 30min before:
30 mg Metoclopramide (3 pills) + 150 mg Ranitidine (1 pill)
  • after 30 min have passed:
20 g Sodium Nitrite disolved in 100 ml of water

Then I am just planning to lay in my bed, put my favourite soft music on and not wake up anymore.
Now I have few questions since I have read alot info, some of it contradictory so I just want to make sure everything is as close as possible to give me swift and the most painless death.

1. Is this dose of SN okay or should I stick to 15g? I'm a pretty healthy man in mid-twenties so I'd rather take abit more than recommened dose from PPeH of 15g but not too much to avoid any other issues.
2. Is Ranitidine okay replacement for Cimetidine and what dose should I take? Guide says you should take 800mg of Cimetidine (Tagamet) but the info of the box of Ranitidine I have says you should not exceed more than 2 pills per day (1 each 12 hours).
3. Are painkillers needed for this method? If so which ones would be the best and least likely to interfere with all those meds.
4. I have read that you can take benzos to induce deep sleep, which ones would be good for this method and what dose is recommended. I have never taken benzos before but I could probably get them. Although I'm scared I might fall asleep before I'm able to down the solution if I take wrong ones/too much of them.
5. How long approximately does it take to lose the consciousness and how much to be beyond saving (I should have about 7-8 hours before somebody checks on me)?

Thanks in advance for all the answers and sorry for mistakes in my post.


Jul 21, 2018
This is my plan as well. I’m gonna use 20 Not sure about the questions. There was a user named Luke who was great with answers. Haven’t heard from him in awhile.
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