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Aug 5, 2022
Hello you guys who tune in. I’m sitting, like most days, alone at home on my balcony wishing I had the courage to end it.

I’ve been suicidal for many years, and have considered many options. At first trains, then for a while i tried hanging without success. Firearms are nearly impossible to get ahold of in my country so these days I think more about cutting. Which leads me to my questions.

Ive researched a little about the external cartoid artery and from what I understand it is a huge vein that is located quite close to the skin. I can see it pumping on the side of my neck. It seems this forum advices against cutting your neck, but I would still like to articulate a set of specific questions I havent really seen about here.

• would it be enough to cut only on one side of the neck?
• do you really have to cut through muscle and nerve when you go for the external cartoid artery?

I also don’t get the pain part. I guess you would get a pretty shitty headache from the bloodloss, and well shit, yeah also fear, but I feel that comes with all methods. How high are the risks of not suceeding after passing out? I mean like waking up with permanent brain damage

my dream is just making a nice cut on the left side of my neck, starting to bleed alot and just going to my bed and falling to [permanent] sleep in the comfort of my own home

Thank you for discussion


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Aug 25, 2021
It's not a good method at all. The moment you pierce skin and you get blood on hands, things get slippery so you will find it difficult to proceed deeper. And arteries aren't exactly just under the skin. Plus blood clotting usually does a pretty good job of damage control unless you cut in a certain way. You also could miss and cut some nerve and end up with lifelong damage. Don't even bother.