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Jan 29, 2020
Right. Apparently society cares enough to plaster that number but not enough to not put you in chains against your will. You are mentally ill after all. And youre the reason why because you don't take responsibility of not having a negative attitude and suicidal. Don't dump your problems on others just keep silent to yourself and suffer because yeah everybody has their own problems of course to deal with . Fair enough. I still feel like I don't matter. Fair enough I guess I'm all alone and nobody cares. Fuck you I got mine right? You got a problem? Fix it yourself. Can't? It's all your fault. Sorry.

Cool I'll just suffer I guess. Go to therapy and do something about it? Just pay someone to dump your problems on so they are compensated for the trouble but yeah they probably don't actually care or could understand your plights. After all you're the one suicidal. And let's not forget if you're pessimistic, outsider, and divergent from society they will only try to mold you into becoming a functioning member of society. Because what else can you do? It's not magic it's your problem. Nobody can do it for you after all. It's your fault.

A permanent solution to my problem? Yeah I want that. I can't help myself if I could I just would but when you reach out you just realize that it just boils down to helping yourself anyways.


I want to sleep for an eternity
Sep 24, 2020
The way I see it, people are naturally selfish and they only care about what directly affects them. It is true, that nobody really cares about your problems. People only seem to care once you are gone, as your death affects them.

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