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Sep 27, 2018
Hello, everybody!

Our admin kindly allowed to make a thread for those whose mother tongue is not English, although this will probably cause some inconveniences for our mods.

Here you can try to find people from your country / region or speaking your native language. This thread is not for seeking partners, just for communication.


Sep 30, 2018
My native language is not English but since it's the language all can understand I speak to it here. So that no one can escape from my messages and native speakers can struggle to understand my very own English. ;)

Where I live everyone have to speak 4 languages to get pass even in lower grades in school so often when I speed write (It's the only way I know how to write) I mix French and English and other language's words making my very unique language.


Si hablas español mándame un MP
Oct 27, 2018
My native language is spanish.