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Jul 7, 2018
People help me elaborate the final 'recipe' while I'm waiting my supply of pentobarbital to arrive.

When I'll have everything ready I will have the following at disposal:

20g total pentobarbital in 400ml solution
24 x 10mg metoclopramide antiemetics
25mg clonazepam solution
30 x 1mg xanax
alcohol at will (I think sweet liquor like cointreau 1 bottle)

I'm 38, 80kg and healthy apart from injury that ruined my life.

I would proceed at night in my room. No one ever enter my room when I go to sleep until eventually late next morning.

I plan to do everything at about 9pm and would have for sure a 12h window time to exit definitely.

How would you proceed with the various substances? Do you feel 12h enough to not be saved?

Thank you people
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