Jul 3, 2019
So on psych ward, I think it’s likely they will put me on Olanzapine. I’m scared of weight gain and side effects. Any reviews? Is it worth me taking it as am generally so miserable without weed, or should I try and get out and get back on weed? I like weed. I’m scared it will totally destroy sex for me, which is already not amazing because of depression. Plus all the side effects....I’m sectioned is not much choice, but a bit of me wants to see if I can put chewing gum in my mouth and not swallow.


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Jun 9, 2022
Sorry to hear you may be forced to take something you don't want. My experience with olanzapine is that I did not gain weight but I didn't like how it made me have hot flashes that lasted 30-60 mins. Unfortunately, it never seemed to have benefits for me and I was on it for a couple years. That said, our body chemistries are all different so it's possible it could help you. I highly doubt it will it will give you anything close to weed though. Best wishes!


Apr 25, 2022
Well you are talking about two different drugs. I've been on seroquel for about 8 months & haven't experienced any side affects what so ever but I do not have any experience with olanzapine. But I highly doubt that they would mix olanzapine with quetiapine (seroquel) bc of the drug interactions