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Apr 7, 2018
Most definitely. I've always been so tired of life. For as far back as I can remember. I may have had the vitality & energy of a child to some extent when I was younger, but that existential sense of fatigue & jadedness has been with me literally ever since kindergarten. During recess, I wouldn't run or play like the other kids. No, I'd just lean against a wall in some dark corner and hope no one would notice my near non-existent presence, and bother me with any of their childish nonsense. I was a world weary, grumpy, exhausted old man trapped in a kid's body. All I ever wanted was to hide myself away & wait for the end to come, like a decrepit codger on his deathbed. To this day, nothing has changed in that regard, other than getting ever so closer to becoming, physically speaking, the grumpy old man I was born to be. If there is such a thing as past lives, well, it would certainly explain a lot, frankly. Clearly there must've been a mix-up in the cosmic ordering system. Funny to think that the next plane of existence is mired in inefficient bureaucracy. Enough to make even Franz Kafka himself either laugh uncontrollably or sob like a madman, probably both.

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Aug 21, 2018
Yeah, it’s like some are just born already worn out and cynical. You’re burnt out before life even gets going. What causes it? I’ve always thought it’s a certain type of person combining with negligent parenting.

Some ppl would say it is bc you have been reincarnated so many times...your too old for those younger years.

I don't believe in this but just saying....


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Aug 26, 2018
Damn I thought I might of nailed it for a second lol. I mean no offence...if that age is offensive to you... :II

No offense taken. Wouldn't have asked if I was easily offended! :P
Dani Paradox

Dani Paradox

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Aug 17, 2018
I was born an old soul. Even in my earliest of years, all of my questions involved God and the meaning of existence. I always shunned religion and thought it was a bunch of crap. I strived to discover the Truth. Truth. Truth truth truth. I questioned everything. People always said I was mature for my age. 7 going on 35.


Sep 28, 2018
yeah.. I used to get called that way many times.
My cousins who are a decade older than me.. used to say so .. and that I act like a grandma.
I was introverted. I still remember , as a kid.. i used to not ask any questions or anything while my brother who is a year older than me used to shower my mother with questions. Later.. i thought that i was kinda retarded.