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Seul contre tous
Jul 23, 2018
I'd like to raise this question:

All books available suggest that you have to have a steady flow of gas for at least 15-20 minutes.
While not undermining their experience, I reserve the right to argue and here is my point:

Most books talk about small-sized bags - turkey/oven bags.
Indeed, with such small closed space you have to constantly flush CO2 out.

However, my humble opinion is that taking a much larger bag would not require a flow.
It's easy to demonstrate: take a flat party balloon and exhale your full lungs to it.
Thats the volume of your lungs.
Now take a big-sized bag - 50x40 inch, or at least 90x80 cm and fill it with air.
Compare the difference. Your lungs are probably 1/100 of it ? You can do more precise calculations yourself, in liters.

If bag is filled with N or He and secured with rubber bands, I think there will be no noticeable buildup of CO2.
It's within a margin of few percent. I'll do more research soon and talk with scuba divers on that.

You may ask - why bother?
My answer is - I see a lot of people being reluctant to buy a tank, mess with flow regulators, and so on.
If my argument is correct, you can get away even with Helium party balloons - I'd call it a "poor man's way out". It may cost - what - 20 or 30 bucks to buy the balloons and fill the bag (assuming the He is not adulterated with other gases).

You are welcome to comment!


Jun 30, 2018
Lots of helium balloons are mixed with oxygen now rather than pure helium so that is always a concern.

By having the environment constantly refilled with the gas it flushes out any CO2 or O that you exhale.
If I understand your method you are meaning to fill one big bag from the balloons? I think it would be impractical and lead to a lot of the gas escaping and making it hard to know what gasses you actually have in the bag.