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Jul 21, 2018
What trinket of yours reminds you a lot of yourself or holds special meaning to you?

I used to have a foreign currency coin, was mistakenly there along with coins I received for change. I forgot what it is except for it being foreign.I played with it a lot and make coin tosses with it to make decisions over small choices. I lost it, and looking back, I get the feeling that my luck has decreased over the years since then.

Interested to know yours.


Aug 21, 2018
I had a butterfly necklace that I never took off....I use to fiddle with the wings and one day the chain broke and I lost it.
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There's a difference between existing and living.
Sep 3, 2018
A fossil of a trilobite easily 500,000,000 years old. Having something that was part of what made life on this planet is just crazy. Like this little thing lived and died during the Cambrian explosion and it makes me question the nature of life itself. Poor bastard frozen in time.