Jun 12, 2022
Do you all believe in online psychological tests ?

For example yesterday i did a test after researches on my symptoms i guessed im 100% bipolar

Then the result also came out as bipolar.

What do you all think .
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Mar 26, 2020
Like tests published in magazines, some might be helpful, some might be less so.

You are in the best position to make an evaluation yourself.


Jan 22, 2020
not too much. besides the troll/meme ones they tend to be vague plus usually the ones who answers are at least a little biased.

I mean, if i think i'm X, it's probably that i choose answers more closer to X. In your case, if you researched for symptoms of bipolarity and you thought you're bipolar, the test it isn't a surprise. The same conclusion with extra stepts.

Those kind of tests may be good for point a overall direction, but i'm sure that any little serious research on google makes the same. Usually a better option is go to a proffesional or someone who can tell better

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Soulless Angel

Soulless Angel

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Jul 6, 2020
I don't believe in them personally, I think if you have researched what you think you are, then you may instinctively be pulled more towards giving the answers that create the answer/result you have researched, whether you intend to or not.
To me a diagnosis needs to come from many more things over one random online tests, as I think (I could be wrong, I am just going by what I have seen) that criteria can vary on each, nothing seems standard, Ie some may be out of date etc
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