Jun 7, 2018
I have an online friend who I’ve talked to for five years.
I don’t have any other friends since childhood.

We never met due to distance. Finally after my mom passing away I’m terribly lonely and we agreed on meeting in person.

I was excited the day I booked (couple days ago) then depression hit and he said my negative thoughts are overwhelming and thinks we shouldn’t meet. I spent over $700 on plane ticket. Wish he would’ve told me ahead of time instead of pressuring me on this exact date. He was the one to talk about me visiting so often.

wow he’s literally only person who I talk to in this world and he called it off because I was in a dark place and venting. I’m sure being in person with him I wouldn’t be nearly as depressed.

Nothing will ever go right. So ready to call quits when I obtain the chemicals.


Jun 26, 2018
My ex once told me, online friends are not real friends. Had I not known about our mind's tendency towards confirmation bias, I would be inclined to believe. I hope things go smoothly for you from here on out CantGoOn.
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Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Wow. I'm sorry for you. It's incredible how often people betrays you, one day they look happy of your company and suddenly they get rid of you and left you feeling like you have no valor. Despicable cowards, if somebody doesn't want being with us, tell it us since the first moment.

If I someday meet a person, hope he/she doesn't betray me.