Aug 5, 2018
I think background and reasons don't matter. I just wanted to know if I forgot anything in my plan.
I will probably do it with sodium nitrite unless I receive my N order. (I have waited so far, since some of us have problems at the moment)
I have enough SN (think 25 - 30 grams should be enough. The sources are different. Do you think you can overdose too much?)
I already have antiemetics (metoclopramide) and I will take Valium to prepare myself (uncertain about the amount) so I a) don't panic, b) if seizures occur, they are less intense and c) I will fall asleep earlier.

In the unexpected case that I vomit, I have emetics to hopefully stop a long painful death and start a new attempt.

I've booked a hotel room for a few days. Sufficient to find out when the room service takes place in order to be able to time my project better.
A close friend will have some letters in order to send them after a few days. (I think this is probably a weak point and he might get suspicious and interrupt me. Maybe I'd rather send him a parcel with the letters as content, so it would already be over)

With my body I will have some letters that clearly prove that I had no help whatsoever. (In Europe, aiding and abetting suicide is punishable almost everywhere) Besides, I will place my ID cards right next to me so that no one in the family will have to identify me (believe SN will make you look like a zombie).

So much for my plan.
What do you think? Did I miss anything