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Sep 12, 2018
I’m making this thread because i just recently talked about my experience with hallucinations due to drugs....and I now wantt to explain myself fully.

I’ll separate this by the 4 drugs that have made me have an out of body experience.


I mistakenly took 4 tabs at once, because I’ve always been a tank when it comes to drugs...the tabs soak under your tounge...and you just wait until it kicks in. Unfortunately the party I was at got shut down 1 hour after I popped my tabs.

So I went home. Downstairs, watching TV. This is when it started to kick in. Everything on the actual TV was normal. I wasn’t seeing any distortion on their broadcast...but surrounding the TV, was this thin white smoke, with nothing but emptiness around it. I thought, if I were to lose focus on this TV, and get caught staring into the blackness, that I would be gone. I thought I would be death if I stared into the abyss. So, for hours, I heavily focuses on he TV, constantly fighting to keep my focus on something that is based in reality.

Then, I looked down at the Blaket I had on me. It was a tye dye pattern blaket that I made in my sewing class In highschool.

Once I saw the colours, they stared taking over everything I could see. All the sudden, I got sucked into my blanket in the only way I can describe as “blanket reality”

I literally shook my head in an attempt to shake myself back into reality. It worked, I was well aware that I just lost control of my reality, and told myself, if I break attention from this TV, it will happen again. So I watched TV until I was sober, constantly fighting to stay in this dimension.


I ate 12 grams one night at my friends house. While high, I kept getting this weird feeling that he wanted to kill me. I lived a 3 min walk from his house, so I just told him I’m going home, and rode the rest of my trip out there.

I was in my bed, shifting and moving around in my blanket, because it felt like I was swimming in a ocean. The only light in the room came from the perimeters of my bedroom door.

It was like an aura, I felt there was another world on the outside of that door, leaking it’s reality into my bedroom. My blanket was my armor from this reality seeking into
My psyche.

Eventually fell alseep.


When taking too much of this horse tranquilizer, you will experience what it’s called a “k-hole”

My vision went black, and was replaced with black outlines of the people I was hanging out with. I saw their outlines shaking my body, and I was screaming to them that I was ok, all while being completey unresponsive in the real world.

K is meant to be done in “bumps” (a small
Amount on the end of your key) but I did a massive line, and went bye bye for awhile.

DMT (aka the spirit molecule)

Words cannot due justice to how far this send you into another world. I can’t go into detail because I don’t remember the details that well...what I do remember?...

I knew the answer to everything. I had the answer to everything humans have been wondering. You are exposed to all knowledge flying at you at an alarming rate.

I thought I was was gone for 2 weeks, when really, I was only out for about 20mins. You might have heard Joe Rogan rant about these ridiculously incomprehensible experiences on his podcast.

It sounds like he’s just talking it up, but HE IS NOT WRONG.

You turn into a temporary god with no knowledge of the current time and space. That’s the only way I can describe it without writing a whole novel.

End rant.
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Sep 2, 2018
Thanks for sharing your experiences man. I'm jealous. as I've already said before,the exploration of altered states of consciousness is one of my genuine dreams.

I want to try all of those one day,especially DMT.