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Sep 14, 2021
Not sure if this is an accepted (or smart) method but what I did was make myself pass out as I put it around my neck, since I also struggled with my SI. I did this by a method I found on the internet which seems to work every time, at least for me.

"Start by putting your head between the knees while standing. Now stand up without breathing in or out and quickly insert your thumb in your mouth, breath against your thumb for some seconds. You will feel everything go dark for one or two seconds and the next thing you'll remember is waking up."

Of course since this involves standing up from crouching, timing is important, and height of the knot matters too. Since mine was tied down to a sturdy door hook this was not a problem and I could put myself inside the knot before I passed out. It was going perfect until I woke up on the floor with snapped rope around my neck. I think that had it not snapped it would have worked. When passing out with this method there is no panic at all, and every time I pass out this way my last thought is always 'i don't think it's working'. It really is that quick. I'd love to hear some thoughts from others about this method
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