Sep 14, 2021
Most people who judge me don't really know my limitations, much less my strengths. And they don't know my strengths because, unlike them, I don't rub in their faces who I am. It's ridiculous, they feel better just being salaried slaves and since I'm unemployed they conclude that I'm less than them. As I said here I have my strengths... For some people and places I have relevance (I am part of the traditional nobility in a country - and this for me is first and foremost a duty to the people and the place in question), but they don't know precisely because I don't want to compete with them, I find them irrelevant, because they insist on wanting to humiliate me? These are the same hypocritical people who talk so much about equality! But they treat others as less or simply isolate them, relegating them to ostracism! Unfortunately this is where I live (If I had the money I would certainly go back to the people who value me). The whole problem that causes me repudiation is that people want to humiliate me with their smallness and as common sense here considers me a mere idler, my relationships end up not being good. They also don't know that I'm bipolar (the negative part) so they don't know that it hurts me.
I feel anger and pity for this bunch of idiots... but unfortunately they are the majority and they make the rules
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Jun 26, 2020
I, 1st send you lots of hugs and love. Because I have had the same thoughts all my life. As such, people who either did not know me or barely knew me would judge, they still do!, me and have zero clue about me at all.

I have through the decades always wondered about narrow minded people like that, and now more in my twilight years, I just consider the source and smile and move on.

You are a very kind soul, reading your post really brought that out to me and never let small minded people bring you down, you are so much better than that.

Sending you lots of hugs and the knowledge that you will are awesome and so nice and I like that you are a friend to me and stay healthy!

All my best to you,

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Dec 13, 2018
"but unfortunately they are the majority and they make the rules" - think about that - rules can be broken or rewritten, or exploited in you favor. It can't be that hard, specially when those rules are comming from stupid people.
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