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Sep 26, 2018
They are the only thing that distract me long enough to focus on being a functioning member of society.
My 2 favourite are. no such thing as a fish.and good job brain.
Escargot Shorts

Escargot Shorts

Tears-of-a-Clown Ass Bitch
Sep 26, 2018
oh sweet, love me some podcasts. lot of faves are:

Failed Missionary - (updates super sporadically and hasn't quite hit a rhythm for me but i'm still interested) a lot of ex-missionaries express their jaded feelings on modern christianity and what they perceive to be the failings and corruption found in missions.
Generation Why - two very sweet voiced men tell stories about true crime, from mysterious deaths to strange conspiracies to murders. i really dislike a lot of true crime that's done with comedy angles (or worse, sensationalizing) but this lands at a good sweet spot and most eps are decently long and good for background listens.
Ear Hustle - a podcast about life in prison. it's. incredibly good.
I Don't Even Own a Television - there are plenty of 'bad media' podcasts, this one is about bad books.
Lizard People - Guests come onto the show to describe a favorite conspiracy theory to the host who then probes and questions it, ultimately deciding whether she buys it or not. Very lighthearted and fun with some really wild stuff (favorites here are the eps about the pyramids in Egypt actually being ancient hydroelectric power plants, a mummy being the reason the Titanic sank, and stories about Garden Grove).
Doughboys - a lot of banter and reviews of chain restaurants. i think i legit cried from laughing from their Chuck E. Cheese episode. the real treasure here is the hosts' chemistry more than anything (it's like, two people who sound like they can't stand each other but deep down are best friends)
Knifepoint Horror - atmospheric short fiction horror (there's a lot of horror fiction podcasts i think are whack [won't name any but one in particular makes me rage quit every time i hear the drivel they record], but this one is very polished, only has one voice actor, and prioritizes mood more than lazy horror tropes)
Reply All - "a show about the Internet," just a lot of very diverse topics related to well, the internet. idk, it's also just a very good one.
Criminal - another show that looks at crime but is less true crime and more-so is involved with the people it affects. host has a great voice and it's also very well-made.