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Nov 25, 2021

I had the urge to google to find out and there has been new or not so new study on COVID-19 reinfections that show that each time you contract COVID-19, it gets worse, not better. I was thinking about whether or not I needed to be concerned since I had been infected once by family(which most people have by now). With the latest information, at least the study on US Veterans which is not necessarily the same as general pop, but it says the study is typically on older white males.

The above is just one source of information about the new study, there was a few others I found while googling all talking about that study. It's not news that people died on their second COVID-19 infection as this has been happening since 2020.

Apparently the second infection is worse than the first, and the third is worse than the second, and the fourth is worse than the third and so on. The way I'll use this information is to continue to try and not get COVID-19, but I'll be more careful about not contracting it when I don't have to. I was thinking that because I've had it once, I'll be fine, but according to this, I still need to be careful about not contracting it again, in fact, more so than ever. The first time was pretty painful.

I'm not asking anyone else to change their thinking or ways, but for people that already contracted C-19 and wondering the same as me, it's best to try to avoid getting it a second time. The medical approach to COVID will evolve over time, but there is still limits on what is possible to counteract the damage in medicine. It says liver, kidney, brain, etc can all get damaged by COVID.
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Rounded Apathy

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Aug 8, 2022
I remember seeing this article a while back and being concerned, even though the sample size is small and demographic limited as you say. Of note was the increased risk of long covid symptoms after each additional infection too, iirc. Absolutely not a one-and-done type thing, whether or not you have been vaccinated. Stay safe, all.
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Aug 3, 2022
I already deal with severe depression and brain fog, both of which are potential risk factors for and consequences of long COVID... so my partner and I still mask when we go out. I don't need more brain fog on top of what I already have... I'd be completely non-functional! Living in a very red part of the country right now so we're definitely outliers. The long term damage done by the disease scares me much more than the thought of just being sick for a little while. As far as I know, neither of us has gotten it yet. Good article.


Jan 24, 2021
I still mask up in all the stores even though, apparently, no one else does anymore. And I'm back to being looked at like I'm stupid.
As a retail worker, I respect your decision. One of my customers who came in the other day bought a bunch of cold and flu medicine. I think he may have been buying for someone else, but he wore a mask regardless, and I was thankful for him being considerate. It was too late at night for him to have set up curbside pickup, so he did the best he could.

Some of our regulars have told me they have immunocompromised relatives living at their home, and a few have had really bad long COVID symptoms. I don't blink any eye when someone wears a mask in a public place. Everyone has their reasons, so I don't judge.


Oct 26, 2019
There are also more kids with severe respiratory infections than hospitals even have beds for.
The decision to drop masking is killing them.