Dec 30, 2019
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I want to sleep for an eternity
Sep 24, 2020
Funeral Cry by Dark Sanctuary. This piece of music is about wanting death to take away the pain that life brings. It is my favourite song.

Also Missing by Evanescence


Dec 30, 2019

Oh, this video seems to be unavailable
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Jan 26, 2021
Fade to black, has to be my favorite song as well. Liked it since I was eleven or something. Hypothermia has some good songs that I could imagine shooting myself in the head with a 12ga slug to. To die alone by Veil, more specifically mater maternis feels very SN/N. Die with integrity by Dying Fetus for suicide by cop (joke).


Jan 26, 2019
I would also say "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

Also, even though most of you are not the audience for this song, but there is a german rap song called "Samurai" by ODMGDIA directly refering to suicide. For instance, the literal translation of the hook says:

"At the age of 12 my father asked me what I want to become when I'm a grown up and now at my mid-twentieth I feel like I was born to die
Try to sweep up memories from the floor but at the best day of my life I will already be dead."

Some of this resonates with me very well. When I was young I always feared death to the point where I couldnt sleep just because I was imagining how I could die and nowadays this is all I can think about but now it's more of a pleasure to imagine myself dying.


Feb 25, 2020
hey, do you have a favorite track you'd use to CTB with? Or songs about suicide itself that resonated with you? Maybe a song about depression that resembles almost exactly what you are going through?
Please share it with me, I'd love to listen to something like that right about now. Too bad my tracklist got a little bit annoying.

The Neighbourhood - Afraid

never,forever. - i wanted to cry, i wanted to die.

A Day to Remember- End of Me
Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum


Fussy exister. Living in the epilogue
Mar 11, 2020

Was it a dream?
Was it in Hell?
What is the difference?
I scarcely can tell
Is it just I
Or the world
That's gone mad?
This Vision insane, I'll explain, that I had...

Mourning for something
Something I've never known
I Search for a headstone
A Plot with a marker
But what did I find
In time?
Nothing but a blindness inside
And golden birds in the clouds of my eyes

Then a ghostly waif did arrive
And demanded:
"Who will love or listen to me now?
What lost urchin searches for my poor disfigured ghost?"

And so a Grave I did find
In time
Not one of the dead
But voices echoing in my head
They said:

Standing condemned
The trial commenced
None to defend her and no evidence
Vaguely aware Of her hands in their chains
Heedless of all that the chamber contained

The sentence was passed
The barristers laughed
When they had killed her they cut her in half

When golden birds flew
Out from her severed halves
They trapped them to sell to the gathered riff-raff

All the ghosts had gone unnoticed there
They haunted
Every corner of the court and
Outside in the square they waited

Golden feathers now in their tin cages
Waving farewell to the shades as they brought her to

This place where only memories can breathe
She sits sewn together and scarcely bereaved
Unheard she sings an unearthly lament
And no one on earth seems to know where she went

This is one I've considered. Might be long enough to lose my consciousness to with sn. Fade out to that sick and emotional final riff and leads. It feels appropriately bittersweet.
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Mar 9, 2021
It's not about suicide but about breaking up with someone, I think it still fits with my suicidal thougts


empty inside
Oct 24, 2020
i really like this song, it gives me chills


Oct 21, 2018
There are two songs in particular that really resonate with me, and I'll probably end up listening to them when I die (or shortly beforehand).


You Are A Tourist - Death Cab for Cutie

"And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born
Then it's time to go
And define your destination
There's so many different places to call home
Because when you find yourself the villain in the story you have written
It's plain to see
That sometimes the best intentions are in need of redemptions
Would you agree?
If so please show me"


The Grand Optimist - City And Colour

"I used to be quite resilient, gain no strength from counting the beads on a rosary
And now the wound has begun to turn, another lesson that has gone unlearned
But this is not a cry for pity or for sympathy
I guess I take after my mother"


Aug 31, 2020
Crywank- memento mori

Antony Johnson- I am bird gerhl

These two, one where the lyrics discuss wishing to be a child again, and the other is about being born into the sky as “bird gerhl”, or in terms of my delusion, girl in the next life, hoping reincarnations a thing.
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Nov 14, 2021

Fucking love Msi
Crywank- memento mori

Antony Johnson- I am bird gerhl

These two, one where the lyrics discuss wishing to be a child again, and the other is about being born into the sky as “bird gerhl”, or in terms of my delusion, girl in the next life, hoping reincarnations a thing.

Crywank is so good. I always cry to Welcome to Castle Irwell and Its ok I wouldn't remember me either

Armor for sleep- Car Underwater first song on my Ctb album What to Do When You're Dead. The album is pretty much about a guy who kills himself and comes back as a ghost talking to the girl he loved. Floating around as a ghost seeing if anyone missed him their reactions and if he was even needed around.
Armor for Sleep- End of a fraud Last song on the album with the lyrics that just crush me
I saw pretty clear
That when I left
You all stayed the same
Now I think I believe
That I was never alive in the first place
They never heard one sound out of my mouth

I actually bought tickets to see them in 2019 and it got postponed I told myself to stay alive long enough to see them perform the album in full in person as the only thing I am anymore is music and concerts and I got to take my ex who I spent my last year of life with and saw them play it in Sept. We weren't even really together at that point but I wanted someone to be there and see what it means to me before I go
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