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Apr 1, 2020
Hi guys,

first of all, not sure if this belongs in recovery, or in off-topic - but I've decided to post it here, since it might give someone motivation to get better (please feel free to move it if not applicable).

I have some credits on the preply learning platform. I don't really have the motivation to use it now (and most likely ever again), and they are going to expire by the end of the month. However, if a class is scheduled, they can be used for another 6 months (and so on, on a rolling basis). They cannot be refunded in any way or form, so please PM me only if you are really interested in learning something new.

The way we'd do it is I'd give one of you access to my account (I cannot transfer the funds to another account). I'd explain in more details in PMs - but just FYI, I'd need some data of yours - 1). name, address, etc. - these can be made up and 2). e-mail, skype - these unfortunately have to be real, but you can set up new ones for the purposes of using the platform if it makes you more comfortable. At the same time, probably you will see some of my data on the platform as well - so obviously I'd greatly appreciate your confidentiality.

Unfortunately, I cannot split the credits between different people. And since I don't really know anyone here, it will be on the first come first serve basis.There's quite a lot of them, enough for a somewhat long-term learning opportunity - so if there's someone who might think this "commitment" will help them get better in the face of CTBing, just let me know.

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