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May 5, 2018
I was always told that i wasnt going to make it to be a adult (21 where i live) and my birthday is the 17th. Im trying to go past it but it feels like the closer i get the harder it gets to wade through this muck called life. I try to keep myself content and busy (watching my favorite shows ect) but something always ruins it.I feel like after my birthday it will just get worse,i want to die. i feel alone my partner left me(we have to be roomates since we are both on the lease.) and i feel awful. i dont really have family or friend so im just in this limbo of wanting to be alone and not wanting to.i think im just so used to being miserable that when i think of dying it seems weird like what would it be like to be gone and not deal with it.
I wanted to ask what would be a easy,accessible, and quick way to die?
I thought of eating a large handful of nightshade with water
Hanging(tips would be appreciated )
shooting myself( i dont know how to buy hand guns)
taking a sleeping pills and putting a exit bag on my head
any others would be helpful