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Aug 27, 2020
2. They only care about school results and good looks. They fed me well but are emotionally absent. I feel tormented by them. They never listen carefully, trust me, nor support my desires. They want to help but they just step on me to try to get me to 'rebound' and be stronger; clearly this is really stupid and is not working.
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Dead Ghost

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May 6, 2022
DeepL Translator:
I don't want to value them, they are just people. I reproached them for too many things throughout my life until I realized that they don't know any better... and who am I to judge them if now that I am older than they were when I was born, I am incapable of doing whatever is necessary to help myself as I have reproached them so many times?
Note: I hope the translator doesn't get confused, I have put sentences with more pronouns than he knows how to manage coherently.

I don't want to value it, it's just people. I've blamed them for too many things in my life until I realized they couldn't do better ... and who am I to judge them now that I'm older than they were when I was born? am I unable to do what it takes to help me as I have been reprimanded so many times?
Note: I hope the translator doesn't read, that I've put sentences with more pronouns than he can handle consistently.

I don't want to value it, it's just people. I reproach them for too many things throughout my life until I realized that they don't know how to do better... and who am I to judge them if now that I am older than those who had them when I was born I am unable to do whatever it takes to help me as I recriminate them so many times?.
Note: I hope that the translator does not li, that I have put sentences with more pronouns than he knows how to manage consistently.

No vull valorar-la, només són persones. Els hi retret masses coses al llarg de la meva vida fins que me n'he adonat que no ho saben pas fer millor... i qui sóc jo per jutjar-los si ara que tinc més anys que els que tenien ells quan vaig nèixer sóc incapaç de fer el que calgui per ajudar-me com els hi recriminat tantes vegades a ells?.
Nota: Espero que el traductor no es lii, que he posat frases amb més pronoms dels que sap gestionar amb coherència.


Jul 31, 2020
2 - so many bad things involving my family i don't know where to start there was never love or affection in this shit house my dad never taught me to be a man all i learned was in school and on the streets with older people who taught me that the strongest and heartless is the one who always wins whether it's girls, work, circle of friends, my mom was too dumb to teach me anything good she saw my dad treat me like shit and beat me and do nothing about it about it was enough for me to dissolve all the love I felt for her, beatings for trivial reasons, cursing, some days without food at home, my parents' addiction to alcohol.... When I stop to think about my entire trajectory I I realize the size of the tragedy that is my life, the only positive thing about this house is that I haven't been sexually abused


Dec 15, 2021
My family's asian. I'll give them an 1. They never taught me anything, only to care about looks and what other people think. What's yours?

My parents ruined my life, so I'll give them a 0. My sister is very easy to dislike, so I'll give her a 0 as well.

If it was possible, I wish that people more worthy of these three sorry souls were replaced with more worthy people who deserve a chance at life.


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Jul 4, 2020
A big 0 - I'm glad that I don't speak with them anymore..
I also think that they moved to another state since their house is empty and there's a big plastic bag thing that covers the entire roof (or at least what's left of it. Before that, they had a big trailer where they lived for a while


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Mar 24, 2021
3/10. Dad tried to teach me some practical skills growing up, and tried to discipline me in the right directions (ended up failing at that unfortunately, but partially my fault for not realizing how he was trying to help me when he was pushing me out of my comfort zone). Dad was pretty emotionally absent though, no discussions were had about my intense anxiety and social awkwardness (catastrophic failure on my parent’s part, should have been paying closer attention to those things from a far earlier age. Was on autism spectrum, and if anyone should know and do something about that, it’s the parents, but they just sort of prayed it was an “awkward kid being awkward” situation and that it would go away).

Mom was good emotional support, and I feel closer to her, but she usually played the “good cop, bad cop” game with Dad, and I ended up liking her more because she would allow me to cave into my anxieties instead of encouraging me to conquer fears. Sort of framing Dad to be the “good parent” here, but I didn’t really feel like either of them were effective at raising me. They both dropped the ball in a lot of important ways.


May 11, 2022

Emotionally abusive narcissistic sociopaths.

It's easy to think I'm exaggerating, but I promise I'm not.
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Nov 6, 2021

Mom's side is pretty good but can get a bit judgemental and self absorbed. I don't exist to my dad's side lol.


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Mar 18, 2021

My mom is the leader of the family and the most hard-working one. Even though she can be critical and biased sometimes, which she creates or gets into conflict frequently to either defend herself, point someone out something for not contributing or done something wrong, or has lots of stress (most of the time), she thrives to become the mother that she didn't have (in that case, my maternal grandmother) to me and my brothers by being as supporting, loving and emotionally avaliable as possible.

My dad... I love him but seems distant, and sometimes acts immaturely based of the way he talks, but is my father nonetheless but is hard to convince him to do stuff or force him if failed to keep the promise multiple times when got free days of work from his job.

No complaints from my younger brothers, we're all good.

Neither got complaints from my maternal uncle, my maternal older cousin and aunt, paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather, but I do feel bad for my grandpa because he has metastatic carinoma and loves relaxing outside even though the UV rays can damage his skin and increases the chances for a cancer relapse and the way my grandma treats him...

Now, I must give 0 points to my maternal grandmother. She's the definition of a posseed devil at her peak days. Makes my mom and grandpa's days ruined because of her. Narcissistic, manipulative, authoritarian, hypocrite... Laughs at my mom when she cries, imagine a mom bullying her own daughter... Talks negativiely at everyone behind their backs... Insults her own husband and calls her daughter a bitch, hoe, 'cabrona', etc... Forces my grandpa to stuff and get outside despite his cancer treatment makes him weak as a side effect... Purposely does not make food for him because thinks he's a dirty pig and denies him of using the better bathroom, making him go to the other one... Fabricates events about stuff my mom did that aren't true... And even treatened my mom with a knife out of anger on which later says she was 'joking', damn... And her arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes type 2 and osteoporosis makes her even worse being around 70-75 year old elderly woman. I think she's sick, does not acknowledge that herself and all her brothers and sisters avoided her before I was even born!
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Jan 27, 2021
Dad molested me. Mum was also victimised by him to a degree and she herself had many deep seated psychological flaws for which she never sought help or even tried to work on. I have some nostalgia for growing up in the 70’s but thinking about it most positive experiences were outside the home and away from my dysfunctional family and warring parents. When my dad died in 2003 my main emotion was relief. I hated him touching me for any reason. I grieved only the ‘loss’ of the father I had never had.

I still love and have loyalty to my mum who in many ways tried her best within her own limitations and remained loyal and loving herself throughout my life. She is an endearing person unlike my shithead father. Brother is a decent bloke. So overall, a generous 5.


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Mar 11, 2022
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Jan 21, 2022
4- they're the reason I have bpd. They never cared for me nor supported me. My mom damaged me emotionally when I was a kid. Because of this my mental illness is killing me and everyday feels like hell.