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Aug 12, 2018
I am so depressed lonely I can't stop my addictions I'll spell hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars period and can't stop. All the money lost all hope. Just tried choking myself a few times can't do it. Don't know if I need to jump or use charcoal
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Jul 9, 2018
Sorry you've had such bad luck. Choking's pretty hard; jumping and charcoal methods sure seem easier. I'd imagine that the charcoal method would be the least frightening, but there would be a lot of preparation involved. There's hardly any preparation for jumping, and if you jump high enough, you're not supposed to feel pain, but then you'd have to find a suitable place, and it would be harder to overcome the surbival instinct.
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Jul 13, 2018
Good luck with whatever you choose Bob.

Charcoal is supposed to be painless, which would be the same with an exit bag.

I had considered jumping at one point, but then wondered..... While you're falling to your death, would you regret that you're killing yourself, or think "Oh shit, this is gonna hurt."