Pathetic || Just keep going
Jul 1, 2020
I'm 21/M
I would like to talk with somebody because I have no friends where I live now.
I love music, video games and I'd like to talk about my diseases or addictions too.
Feel free to PM - I still don't know how to pm myself
You haven't be here for more then 24hrs. It seems you joined in the afternoon my time. I can pm you then if you'd like :)
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Sep 14, 2020
Currently lack much needed social support. I have "friends," but topics of any depth scare them away.

Friendly chat with other sufferers may offer a good outlet - especially those who may also be struggling with seemingly incurable health problems.


Sep 25, 2019
I'm a 23 years old woman from Romania.
I mostly enjoy listening to music,podcasts or creepypasta ,bc I rarely truly have time for myself so I usually have headphones in .Any recommendation is welcomed
I also used to enjoy animes/manga and also k-dramas,but I haven't had time in the last years so I'm quite behind with the latest trends

I have days when I can't get online so I apologies ahead for delayed replies.


Aug 23, 2019
22F, USA. I'm kind of offering help and asking for it at the same time. I just need someone who understands mental health issues and the struggle between slipping back into sickness (where it's comfortable) and fighting to stay healthy (where things are unknown). I don't really have any preference as far as age, but I'm more comfortable talking to women. Thanks, stay safe everyone :heart:


Sep 21, 2020
Not sure there's much reason to be in "recovery" but I suffer from ambivalence or just cowardice and wouldn't mind meeting like minded people until I do ctb.

40s M, western canada

PM me if you read this and would like to chat. French speakers welcome as I would like to practice speaking French. Also keen on making friends with people in France.


Nov 5, 2020
22/M/UK (West Midlands).

Been thinking a lot lately about death and suicide. I've always had thoughts but not like this. Looking for people to talk to/possibly meet in person. Can't talk to my friends/work as I'm worried about being hospitalised again. I'm diagnosed with EUPD/Bulimia/Depression.


Feb 20, 2020
Hi. I need a friend. Well, lots of friends. Preferably female friends.
I'm caring, honest, loyal, and I'm in Scotland.
Would love to have someone to talk to and be a friend to.

voyager (D)

Jul 14, 2020
Hi. I need a male friend. I am smoking hot and absolutely insatiable in bed. I have financial difficulties and I need someone to provide for me.
I like dogs, long walks, sports, conversations about music and movies.
I am looking for a man to help me through recovery, emotionally and financially. Preferably dark haired with green eyes, in good shape and not older than 40. I am hoping to find one here.

(Joking. This is not a dating site, ffs.)



au revoir
Jun 13, 2019
Hi. I need a male friend. I am smoking hot and absolutely insatiable in bed. I have financial difficulties and I need someone to provide for me.
I like dogs, long walks, sports, conversations about music and movies.
I am looking for a man to help me through recovery, emotionally and financially. Preferably dark haired with green eyes, in good shape and not older than 40. I am hoping to find one here.

(Joking. This is not a dating site, ffs.)
Are you calling for me? I'm busy being single right now.
hoping to lose hope

hoping to lose hope

<3 Message me to trade music <3
Nov 14, 2020
Would love to have someone to share music with and invest time into.
I am bpd :3 so happy for a bpd person to chat with.
Just want to share music and offer emotional support.
No creepers please...
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Aug 4, 2020
Hi, im looking to talk to a fellow human and perhaps take a journey towards holding myself accountable, I would love to chat about anixety, depression, and what we both struggle with telling others. Im 20f, message me if you'd like.


Dec 1, 2020
Hi. I'm new to this.
Found the forum after googling and reading about suicide methods.
My gf killed herself 3 months ago and I've been battling my own suicidal urges ever since (it's slowly getting better though).
I'm really lonely though, she was the only friend I had in this vast world :mmm:
I mostly play video games to numb myself these days.
Friends to talk about depression, suicide, BPD or life in general would be nice. Females preferred but anyone would be great.


Sep 30, 2020
26 m. I would like someone to encourage me to focus on the good things on life.

No matter how great things seem to be. To me it's all temporary. Without purpose. Without will power. I drink all day and sleep all night.

I lost all my imagination, I lost all drive to be here. I just want someone to tell me things aren't as bad as they seem. I'm sorry I cannot help you in the way I hope you may help me. Until I get better. But a message or just advice would be greatly appreciated


Aug 12, 2018

hullo, I consider myself in recovery but i'm recently going through a lot could use someone to talk to, I'm trying to not have bad thoughts because I feel like i'm not allowed to after I've started recovery, so a distraction would be nice.


he/him • wishing for a will to live
Dec 26, 2020
27 - nonbinary - he/him pronouns - US (Arizona)
I’ve been at the end of my rope for a very long time and most of my friends have stopped talking to me because I haven’t been okay in so long. I’m desperate to find a reason to live, I want to want to live, I want to see light and hope and beauty in this world and know that love is still here and I’m not alone.
Would prefer other nonbinary/trans/queer people to relate with, but I’m open to talking to anyone.
Music is the only thing that I have enough passion for to talk about at this point but I’d love to change that.
feel free to pm me and thank you.


Forsaken One
Nov 5, 2019
Hi! I’m Josef, 20 from Ireland.
Would love somone to chat with! Living in Ireland is a bonus ;)

I’d like some help and in return I’ll be here for you if you need a chat or to vent or support


a nightmare dressed like a daydream
May 28, 2019
F/21 from Europe here

Looking for someone around my age just to chat and motivate each other not to give up. 2020 has been my rock bottom and I want this year to be better again and to recover.

The Bell Jar

Sep 8, 2020
Looking for anyone who wants to chat with me; any age, any gender.
I can't remember what interests I have or what I can talk about but once you get me talking, I don't stop talking. I greatly prefer it if you are able to talk to me over a long period of time, and not just exchange a couple of messages and then pretend I don't exist anymore. more than just one liners too.
Not necessarily looking for someone to only discuss the positive things, I want the conversation to be real, I struggle with life and depression as well.
Hi there. I'll chat with you.


Dec 7, 2018

Early 30s/M/US, looking for F around the same age-range to chat with. Life, video games, music, etc.


Fussy exister. Living in the epilogue
Mar 11, 2020
I'll give this a try.

I'm not really looking for a "recovery" partner, so much as just a close friend I can talk to about these subjects (and others, of course) while my exit is on ice. The current plan is to stick around for like another 10 years for the sake of my family and I think it would be a lot easier to wade through this with someone like-minded around me for mutual support. The forums are nice but they don't really replace a personal connection.

The problem is that I don't really form bonds all that easily and find that most people either have the personalities of cardboard cutouts or incompatible values.

I don't really get anything out of talking to people who I can't relate to, so I need someone who's quite similar to me. So I guess should write a bit about what I'm all about. Well, I'm on this forum for one thing, that should probably tell you that I'm not exactly thriving in this life. :) In fact I dislike it, it's a chore and a bother. I'm 28, a guy, working in a meaningless dead-end job. I'm lucky enough in the sense that I have decent health and I'd say I'm fairly intelligent (except when it comes to anything practical, then I'm dumb as shit), I have decent self-esteem, etc. In good times I can get through my days fairly untroubled, but then there's the bad times...

I'd consider myself an antinatalist, I think it was a really unfortunate turn of events that life ever developed on this planet. And then my birth was just the apex of the tragedy. lmao. I'm no activist about AN but I find that it's a good thing to mention to weed out incompatible people. If you don't feel like it makes a lot of sense then we see the world in fundamentally different ways.

Hmm, what else? I'd say that if we do hit it off, I'm a good friend. I take interest in my friends and make time for them. I'm mostly pretty breezy in my convos, I'm rarely fully serious about even the darkest of topics and I like people who are the same. People that like dark humor and aren't serious, practical people. I'd like someone who's a proficient texter, isn't dry af, is chatty, fun, silly, etc. All that good stuff. Oh, also I'd really prefer people around my age, I'm especially wary about talking to people under 20 or so, it makes me feel like I'm supposed to be a role-model or a good influence or something and that's not a role I'm comfortable with.

Idk, not really expecting much from this but maybe it won't hurt to try. If you feel like this spoke to you, please do reach out! Even if you stumble upon this months from now, feel free to message me, I expect I'll still be looking for people.

Shit, this got way too long :) Sorry.
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Jan 26, 2021
M/22 looking for a heterosexual, single woman of around the same age. Nothing sexual/romantic, just feel more comfortable with an attractive young woman to "recover" with.


May 5, 2020
Hey, I thought of giving this a try as well.
I am a 25 year old male from Germany and would really like someone to talk to, preferrably from Germany too, since my English isn't the best. My interests are anime/manga, video games, literature and firearms.
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