Aug 18, 2020
Yeah yet another abortion thread. It is so hypocritical. These people pretend to care for children. I saw DeSantis in the news when he announced his new measures to prohibit abortion.
But when people get shot to death every week, or even every single day they don't give a shit. Many lie on purpose about the danger of covid to get more voters. Just because they see a strategical benefit in it. I think the Democrats also have high dead body count. But not as much as the Grand Old Party.
Moreover the Republicans don't give a shit about homeless people and depict them all as drug junkies who have chosen to live in poverty. I find that digusting.

Yeah this thread is kind of partisan. And not really balanced. Who gives a shit barely anyone reads this subforum anyway. But it is just my honest opinion.

They claim to care about new life. But when the life is born noone gives a fuck when so many children have to live on the streets. (homelessness)
The inequality is so extreme and unfair in the US. I don't believe in meritocracy at all. It is all a big lie.


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Dec 27, 2020
The perspective of a fundamentalist means nothing because they are merely an indoctrinated member of a political army. It could be said that they primarily care about 'getting to heaven' in the afterlife, as well as maintaining their existing world-view and social structures. Just because there are a lot of them, doesn't stop them from being full of shit.


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May 21, 2022
It's somewhat bitter, they claim to care about kids, but completely neglect them once they are actually born.
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May 28, 2021
I'm a religious fundamentalist. I am against abortion. I think if you don't want kids, you should keep your legs closed. At the same time, I think bringing more people into this world is tragic. I am not going to support abortion, but a depopulation program or a meteor obliterating the earth would be great.