Aug 18, 2020
So many of innocent people had to die. Also children. Many of them probably already experienced a horrible dread. Like strong daily hunger and desperation.
Now so many lost their family members. They have to dig graves for their loved ones. And for what? Just a fucking natural disaster.

I ask myself why is God so cynical if he existed. I would do a lot in order to die in my sleep. But these people did not want to die. What have they done to deserve that? Living in Afghanistan is probably a huge struggle. And now these people also lost their loved ones. I could imagine some of them commit suicide due to the pain.

This word is just so sad and injust.
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Cosmic dust

Cosmic dust

Among the stars
Feb 28, 2022
That is why I can't accept god as some sentient being that is out there looking out for each one of us.

So many people that want to die live, so many that want to live die, so many inocent people go through horrible things, like kids who are abused and tortured.

This world is just cold and brutal and things happen for no reason.
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She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
It really is such a horrible and unfair world that we live in and it is sad how people die in such awful ways. Rest in peace to all those gone. When I hear about all the suffering that exists it makes me want to leave this world even more.
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