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Aug 15, 2021
It's sad that you can't get true help from the real position you're at because you're at risk of being sectioned or having your method resources or freedom and privacy taken away from you. I have a therapist and have managed to speak to a psychiatrist after months of waiting but unfortunately I can't tell them how far along I am with my planning, how I have everything I need and how I have a way more competent method than overdosing on anti-depressants which they think I don't have enough of anyway.

Maybe I wouldn't mind being sectioned. Since re-starting my anti-depressants my mood has improved and so has my will to live but then I have been on the same med before and that was actually when I joined this site and purchased the SN. Who knows if it will come full circle again? I'm on a slightly higher dosage than last time which should be a happy medium between that and too high a dosage aswell.

It's just sad because how can they help me if they don't know how I'm really doing - but this society is so narrow minded about death and suicide and suicidal intentions that there's no room for nuance or accepting that someone may kill themselves but they may also want help to see if they don't have to also.
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Mar 24, 2021
Therapists either report you to the authorities or drop you as a patient if you tell them you are actively suicidal. Not helpful at all. I wish the taboo around suicide and dying was addressed so people wouldn't have to resort to such drastic and dangerous methods. Look how we have to hide away in secrecy just to be able to talk about this stuff.


Jul 23, 2020
Everything surrounding suicide is geared towards prevention. No one is looking at the reasons why someone is suicidal. I want help as well, but help has always been detremental in the long run. I have everything ready. But after a while people just assume I’m doing better. That I’ll get better. When I actually say what’s hurting and why it’s almost always immediately dismissed. When talking to people I often feel like I’m a different species.

True help from the real position your at is sadly very hard to find.


Jun 26, 2020
I 100% agree with @eternalmelancholy as in my cases, I have had metal health people have me put on a 72 hold, then at least 2 weeks of "treatment. I have also had where a therapist said I had to do exactly what she told me to do, and when I questioned her, she kicked me out and would not see me again.

Yes, society is so, so narrow-minded that all one has to say is suicide and bang! one is instantly judged. My experiences of over 65 years makes me sad when i think about it as I never ever judge anyone, as I would not want to be judged myself, so society in general is so messed up.

I have through the years on occasion told people about some of my mental health and I almost always get a curled-up lip, roll of the eyes and a please get away from me attitude.

You are a really nice person and I am so happy having you here as it helps me knowing that I have friends in my life.

Take care and lots of sunny blue skies and smiles to you.

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