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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
Scams Megathread

This is a place to post information on how to avoid scams, warn others about current scams being carried out, and post overall information on the topic.


- DO NOT post usernames of any user from this site who may be scamming. PM a mod with all the information you have.
- You are not allowed to buy, sell, offer, nor request money or products on the forum. Please read the rules.
- Sourcing and posting personal information is still not allowed, even in this thread. You can mention sources with shortened names or aliases to identify them if necessary.

If you know with 100% certainty that a source is fake, PM a mod with the data. We may consider making a list of fake vendors.


Copied from a post a user made here:

How to Spot a Scam

There are a number of signs to look out for.
- Being contacted out of the blue (also known as 'unsolicited') by telephone, post or email.
- The offer is too good to be true.
- Being asked to pay money up-front or to buy a product.
-When contacted, if the person contacting you is overly familiar and friendly with you.
-Being asked for your bank account, credit card details or other confidential information.
-Being told that you need to keep the offer a secret.
If any of this seems familiar you maybe facing or have faced a scam.

General Advice to Avoid Scams


-Enter into conversations with organisations that contact you in an unsolicited manner.
-Respond to unsolicited emails.
-Part with any money, to either pay fees or purchase a product.
-Give out any personal information such as banking and credit card details or copies of documents such as your passport or driving licence.

If you have already sent money or provided bank details, please take the following actions:
-Do not send any more money; unfortunately if you have already parted with money it may be very difficult for you to get it back.
-Contact your bank, building society or credit card company and close your account if you have given your details to a third party that you do not know and trust.
-If you receive any correspondence that may be a scam or an offer that you are just not sure of, always seek advice before acting.

How do Scams Work?

-Potential scammers will try to catch you unawares; this increases their chance of being able to convince you to part with your money or personal information.
-They will will try to make the offer too good for you to refuse; they prey on vulnerable people and people who may be in financial difficulties. Remember - if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
-Many of these operations ask you to pay a fairly nominal fee to purchase your item. This makes it seem as though you have little to lose. But the demand for money does not stop there; you will be asked for more money to cover an increasing list of fees.
-You are put under pressure to make a decision by only being given a short time frame in which to purchase your item; this affects how much time you take consider the offer, and you are more likely to make the wrong decision.
-By becoming friendly with you, the potential scammer is trying to create a relationship where you are likely to trust the information they are providing you and make you believe you are a winner.
-By asking you to keep this offer a secret, you are less likely to talk to family and friends who may point out the problems with the offer, and therefore will not receive the correct advice on how to deal with it.


Aug 18, 2019
Ok so because of all the scammers that are around and also on our forum.
We need this tread as a reference.

Always double check a email if its correct.

The next link is of exit international for all scammers they know.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook
Nebutal Scams - The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is the product of more than a decade of hands-on research, development & teaching in the area of end-of-life planning strategies by Dr Philip Nitschke.
www.peacefulpillhandbook.com www.peacefulpillhandbook.com

Regarding our own members who manipulate and try to get money or convince people here to sell there supplies dont do it.
People like this are the next :

she bought from member on this forrum their N. This dangerous and foolish to do you never know who someone really is.

Rachel74 :
She gave multiple emails saying it was Chinese bob.
Starting with D.... @ProtonMail and [email protected] alll FAKE FAKE FAKE Fake
If there are more member who fallen for Rachel74 lies tell us here in this tread.

So all scammers can be listed in this tread that we come across or if you want to be sure about something ask it here


Jun 12, 2018
Thanks. I think this is very important for people who aren't familiar with the internet - mostly older members. I have a very easy time spotting scams because I grew up with the internet, I understand that this is difficult for other people. I think the best advice is common sense. Also, always double and triple check emails. There are fake emails about A and B, and a lot of people seem to fall for it.


Factoid Hunter
Aug 29, 2019
Other scams potentially do not directly concern the buying of N, but provide a service to help you buy something like that or from the Dark Web. Getting things can look like a daunting experience and requires a lot of things to be done. The scam could be that someone offers to help, just send them the money and they will do all the work for you. It ends up with the same result though. You have paid (lost) money and given away personal details that will incriminate or could damage you if things go wrong.
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Jun 12, 2018
A friend had ordered on N on the net, he made it analyzed, it was actually rat poison...

Never trust those who offer you N on the net ! Hence the importance of this topic.

It would be very important which vendor they used. The darknet has some vendors who apparently sell N, if it's one of them, it would be great to know.


Apr 30, 2019
A friend had ordered on N on the net, he made it analyzed, it was actually rat poison...

Never trust those who offer you N on the net ! Hence the importance of this topic.

wait if it was real N he had sent to be analysed didn’t he risk it being confiscated...

but yh agreed with the last part.


Mar 28, 2019
Only get your N from A people (maybe B too but me personally I would buy from A) yes it may get confiscated by the authorities depending on what country you are ordering from but people (mostly who live in the U.S) got their N successfully from A without any problems.


Nov 9, 2019
I wish more people would have a signature like mine.
That message will appear in EVERY ONE of your posts, past, present and future.
Warning all the good people here on SS, of scammers like Rachel.
I do not see signatures on mobile, only on desktop. This is despite having the box to view them checked in my settings. My phone is a cheap ass Android, FWIW.


Sun is rising
Dec 27, 2018
I do not see signatures on mobile
Somebody mentioned earlier in the thread, to turn the phone to landscape mode, then the signatures appear. I never had a cell phone, so I don't know much. Maybe android can't do landscape view?
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Factoid Hunter
Aug 29, 2019
I think there is at least one more in play at the moment.
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