Forsaken One
Nov 5, 2019
Many years ago I was put on Sertraline to manage my mood, flashbacks and emotions.
I overdosed on it and then had rhabdomyolysis as a side effect of the overdose. I was told that if I didn’t get it treated I would have went into a coma.

I remember how peaceful it was, just sore muscles.

I’m being put back on Sertraline by a different doctor and I’m wondering will I get rhabdomyoldis again as a result of the overdose?

If so then this will be my golden ticket


the mist is not there anymore
Nov 5, 2021
never used sertraline over 200mg cannot help but this is also new to me, at least learnt the word rhabdomyoldis, upping this so someone more familiar with chemicals can notice :>
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May 25, 2022
FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT----Overdose does not mean fatal. You can overdose on lots of things that will never kill you, but they will make you more miserable than you could imagine. Overdose means just that, you have taken OVER the amount, the DOSE, than what is needed to do the job the medication has been prescribed for, and now you will suffer side effects that you would/may normally not experience, but it does not imply or come anywhere close to meaning fatal. People overdose on coffee and soda all the time, they get shaky and fat, but rarely die.

rhabdomyolysis effects the muscles by putting them into a state of continual contraction to the point that they cannot relax. I experienced this when I was working out really hard doing HITT at the gym, I had tried for months to get out of my gym membership but could not, the day after I got out of the hospital for rhabdomyolysisI went to the gym to cancel my membership and just said the word rhabdomyolysis and they cancelled my gym membership right then and there, never charged me another dime. Apparently HITT is KNOWN to cause rhabdomyolysis and it CAN be fatal in the long run, but it takes months and lack of treatment.

What happens is, if you do not get the muscles to relax is the build up of lactic acid, and other chemicals that are produced when the muscles contract, they build up and the kidneys cannot handle them and you end up going into kidney failure. It has been known that to get the muscles to stop contracting and producing the fatal chemicals, they have had to slice the muscles open in some patients to keep them fomr going into kidney failure, which requires them to now recover from a surgery, not just an illness.

No, I do not think this would be a viable form of suicide, unless you had possible days to not be found. I did not find the condition peaceful and warm at all. I found it very painful, excrutiatingly painful. My entire body was in a hard stiff spasm that felt like a thousand charlie horses all over my legs and arms. I think the warm peaceful was the medications you were feeling, not the rhabdomyolysis. Even if you are able to get yourself to go into kidney failure, that may take months to actually kill you, at least weeks, and that is if they do not find the problem and put you on dialysis.
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