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Dec 5, 2020
nex said:
Wrote this many years ago. No idea if it's any good but I'll share it anyway.

man on the moon

i do not know how i came here
or where i was before
i know no past, no future and
no present anymore

as far as i can see there is
an ocean of grey dust
a crescent earth throws feeble light
down on the lifeless crust

i am not sure if i can hear
not sure if i can smell
i can't be sure if i can taste
there is no way to tell

i think i speak but i'm not sure
i feel my voice inside
but even if, i can't be heard
as no one is in sight

the earth above, it shines so blue
and green and brown and white
what is up there, and why is it
so colourful and bright?

there must be pain, there must be joy
and much more, I believe
there must be life, there must be warmth
there must be air to breathe

a faint recall, was i once there?
delusion, it would seem
i might have been, but then again
that might have been a dream

i dare not drop my gaze again
but soon or late i must
and see that i'm still standing here
in emptiness and dust

i wish the earth would go away
and nevermore come back
then i would not see anymore
what painfully i lack

again somewhere a rock strikes down
and smashes up the ground
i only feel the shake, there was
no glimpse and there's no sound

and one of them might once come down
right on my head, don't know
if i'm afraid of it or if
i wish that it be so
I love this poem!
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A Fatal Mistake
Jan 14, 2021



BLOOD COUNTESS. ashes ashes, we all fall down
Jun 2, 2021
behold cover art for my solo punk rock/grunge projekt toxic delirium
behold cover art for my solo punk rock/grunge projekt toxic delirium


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