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Hans Voralberg

Hans Voralberg

Nov 6, 2021
IMG 20220627 154358
Some of my works My drawing Woman in green blindfold. Fairytale style like illustrations in children books.
Pastel drawing

IMG 20220627 162143
Boat on sea IMG 20220627 162209
Nazgul (Witch King of Angmar)
IMG 20220627 162235
Sketch of sword. France rapier mixed with Witcher kind runes on rapier cover
IMG 20220627 162253
Simple sketch of Templar
IMG 20220627 162311
Tombstone picture project from imagination
IMG 20220627 162329
IMG 20220627 162347
Three drawings based on novel Cathedra wrote by Jacek Dukaj and animation directed by Tomasz Bagiński here is animation on you tube https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sou...QtwJ6BAgMEAI&usg=AOvVaw0v0Oz8AEOvK8SnzrVMWjAu
IMG 20220627 162419 IMG 20220627 164341 IMG 20220627 164446
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mors mihi lucrum
Jun 1, 2022
I used to draw and do a lot of art when I was in middle school...here's some of my artwork (:

2022 08 12   Copy
(the red/pink in the lower right corner is what I used to cover my name)

2022 08 12 1   Copy
I didn't finish this one- I was going to shade the shirt and color it all but didn't get the time


Sep 3, 2022
I am posting some of my art here. I always loved titanic and had a thing for it always do I just decided to draw them some time back and I like this one personally a lil if not much. I don't really like rest of them much but I was content with them.
The girl all alone is in graphite rest all of them in charcoal and that girl who is looking to the side is in charcoal the other on eis in graphite.
Thanks for sharing your art with us.


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Sep 3, 2022
Thought I'd share some of my work, surprised I hadn't done it sooner. My background and degree is in digital arts. Most of these are a few years old now.

View attachment 98884 View attachment 98888
Keanu Reeves as John Wick and the actress from The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

View attachment 98887 View attachment 98886 View attachment 98885
I'm a big fan of self portraits. The left is me at my baseline state, the middle is my self perception from a manic episode, and the right from one of my worst depressive episodes. That one was done in Indian Ink.

View attachment 98890 View attachment 98891 View attachment 98889 Art I made during my 5 week stay in a psychiatric ward. I used to sit in the dining area and just draw, all day, day in, day out. It was medatitive. Kept me going. My Dad keeps a framed version at home because he's fascinated by the levels of detail.

View attachment 98892
View attachment 98894

I used to dabble being a vj. Those are the guys who live mix the visuals at nightclubs / festivals, etc with a MIDI controller. The first is just a shot from the techie nest at a small gig in London. The video was a demo setting up while someone else was performing outside. I never did it perfessionally, just as a hobby being a protoge of a friend who did it for a living. I had great fun. Many fun psytrance parties running visuals while being on acid are some of my favourite memories. As well as mixing the visuals live, I know how to make my own loops in After Effects and Blender.

View attachment 98893
This last one was a fun little pet project. I took a pair of LED reactive glasses, cut them out and soldered them into a pair of goggles. I could then control the animations through an app on my phone, make custom ones. The aim was to put them on when I VJ'd for maximum nerd cred. It had a face plate that attached to it too. If you've ever played the game Watch Dogs 2, I was practically cosplaying as The Wrench. These were effectively a prototype. I wanted to do a set that actually reacted based on my eye movements at one point. Bit of a step up from a quick soldering job though.

View attachment 98895
Much talent will go to waste it always will keep going it matters to me atleast I don't know about the whole world. Your art work is so beautiful and the person's too who posted above you. Thanks for sharing. The world shall continue now I can see talent on this forum here and there. There are people who are knowledgeable there are people who can draw and some sing some other things so many of us.


Oct 1, 2022
My favourite place

FB IMG 1656278073121


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People are strange when you're a stranger
Oct 18, 2022
Here is a little project im working on. Part of me doesnt even want to share it until its done but whatever, its going to be forever until im done, so hes what ive got so far (i want to put more details on the drawings and empty page spaces). Also i think the order got scrambled a bit, but each demon picture has a lore and look description so they should be easy to match up.



hedgehog dilemma
Oct 18, 2022
Insert weeb bullshit


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Nov 5, 2022
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hedgehog dilemma
Oct 18, 2022
My previous menthol-hosp 💚 exile "art" with Sylvia poem "caligraphied" as you can see I'm not good at finishing things, my creepy version of Isabella from Animal Crossing got lost somewhere


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