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Feb 23, 2020
Hello, everyone. My situation is following: I suppose that I have schizophrenia, because I had voice hallucinations, but my psychiatrist didnt tell me diagnosis, it is common in our country. My first schizophrenic psychosis was in 2018, and I received treatment, that maybe affected me bad or maybe it was just continuation of my desease. But after taking medications suicidal thoughts replaced voices. I felt very bad, layed on the bed whole day and had very obsessive suicidal thoughts. And for several months I wasn't taking medication. Then I tried several medications that my psychiatrist prescribed me. There were amitriptyline, eglonyl, fenibut and several other meds that usually doctors prescribe mostly in the post Soviet Union countries. They didnt help me at all, it was equally to eating sweets, I didnt feel their effect at all. Then I changed my psychiatrist to foreign psychiatrist and she prescribed me Sertraline and risperidon. I have been taking these meds for 2 years. There are some effects: they reduced my suicidal thoughts, but still I feel tired and have very few energy. Is it normal result for two-year therapy or should I change medications? Maybe there is something better that can help me, but I didnt try it.

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