May 29, 2018
Sometimes I feel like It's best to just end it right now.
Sometimes I think that maybe I could wait a few years, do some things, acheive some things I know I can. But of course people won't mind their own business and let me be in peace and do my own thing.

I don't even know anymore.

On one side, the sooner it ends the better, quit the bullshit, just end it.

On the other, If I can die might aswell not give a shit about anything and do something I enjoy.

What do you think I should do? What would you do? I'm getting sick of playing games and waiting around....Maybe I should end it now. But then again, if I am pretty much dead, why not have fun, but then again, it still stresses me out to live a second more on this garbage planet.

What a vicious cycle....


Jul 28, 2018
I feel you. I will definitely try to achieve things that I want to do first(1-2yrs max) And, when I'm really ready, I will give myself a perfect suicide, no fail, as a reward. That way, I die with no regrets. Its difficult though, but I'm trying.


Aug 8, 2018
Ya I want to achieve things also I’ve done nothing but screw up my life due to self destructing. I’ve came close to trying to kill myself but got help, one of the reasons I like having a gun it gives me the one thing I can control and that’s my life.
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Aug 6, 2018
When people say they’re goong to live as though they could die tomorrow, they mean you should do all the things you’ve wanted to do and kept putting off. You’re choosing the time and place of your death, but for all intent and purposes, you’re dying (this is self-defined, not defined by me or anyone else of course).

Do something crazy. If it’s within your means, make it happen. Use my policy for playing video games: it’s supposed to be fun, if it’s not fun anymore, you don’t have to keep playing.


Jul 26, 2018
Doubts will always remain, you'll never do it if you're waiting for doubt to somehow vanish completely.

You’re right. I guess it’s more of if you know it’s the right time.

What I mean by that is some people will go ahead and do it. They’ll jump off a bridge or do full suspension hanging or whatever. It isn’t half assed. They don’t need any alcohol or anything to do it because they’re just so ready. Then you get people who have a half ass attempt. So what I mean is if it’s going to be half ass you’re not ready. If someone can point a gun at their head and pull a trigger, they’re ready.
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Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Do something crazy. If it’s within your means, make it happen. Use my policy for playing video games: it’s supposed to be fun, if it’s not fun anymore, you don’t have to keep playing
Fucking right.


I used to be in your situation. Since my point of view, enduring this is a waste of time (in my opinion), it consist in doing struggles which are constantly tormenting us and we receive a pathetic reward for it.

The bad eclipses the good and nobody should live like it.

All what I'm saying is my own opinion since my experience, but I waited a really long time and things don't improve: you only are more and more burnt of everything. In my case the few things I wanted to do were unachievable so I have no regrets.

You can choose whatever you want but I'm extremely decided of what I'm going to do. This is a waste of time for something not so beautiful, so I won't live.

Edit: I just read that you want to wait some years. I did it and it's the worst mistake I did in my life. The years made me notice how dangerous is the scourge of hope.