Seul contre tous
Jul 23, 2018
Has anyone been a subject for sleeper hold? Also called "reverse bare hold".
A lot of MMA guys, special forces, cops are trained to do it.

You can see on Youtube, when applied, the receiver passes out within 10 seconds, peacefully and without struggle.

I'm asking because maybe the tourniquet method can be perfected by having something like a V-shaped hook or fork that resemble a human arm. Then pressure is applied.

Have you experienced anything like that?
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Apr 9, 2018
I think your referring to a RNC, a rear naked choke. It works the same way basically all the chokes in grappling work, ie the guillotine, triangle, d'arce, etc. it cuts off the blood supply to the brain by blocking the carotids.

A well applied choke without defense can render someone unconscious in a few seconds. You almost always have time to 'tap out' before going unconscious, some hold on trying to escape and pass out or choose to pass out instead of tap (macho). It's not unlike partial suspension where you have time to stand up before you pass out. It's not painful at all unless they are wrenching your neck/twisting.

I have no interest in the tourniquet method can't help you their.
Gray Wounds

Gray Wounds

A Phantasmagoria
Jun 27, 2018
That one you're pertaining to is my way of hugging human beings. Really, it is. And they always cough after I release them and complain about how painful it is. When their face turns red, they begin to scratch at me or pound me hard in the arm, or they squirm. I guess it's that painful.