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May 10, 2018
Finally the sodium has arrived, food grade, 100% purity.

Have been researching and searching the net for months now for metoclopramide, but the only places that are trustworthy have required a prescription in order to send to my country, Denmark.

Reliable forwarding services don't work, they open up the packages and don't allow for prescription medication to be sent.

If you know of an online pharmacy that sells anti-emetics in Europe without prescription (goldpharma didn't work, they e-mailed me explaining that they're not allowed to sell prescription drugs to non-health professionals, and alldaychemist don't send anti-emetics to Denmark), please share here or pm me.

Also, if by any chance, you'd be willing to order from another country and forward the package to me personally, I'd be very happy to compensate for the costs as well as the trouble generously. Please, pm as well for this. (For the mods on the site, if this is not allowed to write here, I apologize, so please let me know, edit this part or delete if you must, I'm not sure how this gray area is according to the rules here!)

I'm not capable of lying to my doctor, so please no suggestions of doing so. In case it doesn't work out with any anti-emetic, I may end up doing without.

Thanks to you all and thank you for this site!
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