Sep 19, 2022
Hello again,
some of you may have seen the thread where I disclosed that I'm going to jump off a bridge into the sea below. In that thread I got a confirmation that the height is more than enough as well as some really helpful tips and kind responses. I am grateful to everyone who responded.
However there are some other things that bother me.
Firstly, what about the cold? I know that my body will go into a shock from a quick change in height and temperature but I don't know for how long I'll be conscious enough to feel it. Will I pass out quickly?
Secondly, do you think it's better to do it at night or in daylight? Since I'm confined to this shit existence at least until Christmas, I'll have to do it during short winter days. However dying alone in the darkness scares me and it's likely that it will be even colder at night. On the other hand, doing it in daylight is risky because there is a higher chance of being seen and "saved".
Thirdly, is there a chance that I hit something on the way down? Like hitting the bridge rails or support beams with a part of my body as I fall down? If so, would that be better or worse regarding the amount of suffering within the method?
Of course you don't have to answer everything, just the things that you know and want to share.


Sep 5, 2022
1. I haven't seen your previous post, but I think it would be impossible to really guess how fast you'll pass out as there's just too many variables. Could be on impact, could be shortly after, either way I would presume that the cold would only help in your goal, since rapid cold can cause shock, cardiac arrest, etc. I don't think you can fully prepare for what you might experience with this as there's just too many variations.

2. I would presume at night, as there would likely be a lot less people around and a lot smaller chance of being seen and talked down as you said, and also I think the additional cold would help. And this might be a weird take, but you're jumping off a bridge. It's the scariest thing you're ever gonna do, you're gonna experience a stupid amount of SI, the additional fear/SI attributed by a fear of the dark I can't imagine is going to really make a difference.

3. I don't know your chosen location, but I would assume that hitting something is always going to be a possibility and so the goal is really going to be to jump as far out as possible if you're wanting to avoid that. Again, I think that experience really would depend - It could be much better with regards to suffering, for example if that impact knocked you out or even completed your goal for you, but it could also be much worse if the opposite were to occur, as I imagine it would hurt quite significantly. It really depends how you would have fallen, what you hit, and the outcome of that. I don't think that's something you can really plan for, so I'd jump out as far as possible to reduce the risk of additional suffering alltogether.
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