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Resident Slime
Oct 18, 2018
I’m sorry that happened to you, what a jerk! No, it had nothing to do with your looks, just some guy’s lack of impulse control. He probably wasn’t laughing at you but rather laughing to make his actions seem like a joke because he’s used to getting slapped for his bad behavior and knows he’s doing something wrong.

You deserve better. That guy deserves crushed hands.


Attention whore and regular whore
Oct 23, 2018
humans are the worst and yet i want one hugs.
that guy is a fucking pig hes prob never seen someone as pretty as u nd thought that was ok
i hope he got food poisoning i hope he goes in a dark cell /ally and get the samething or worse happen to him


Oct 3, 2018
I hate guys like this. They make women uncomfortable everywhere, and give a bad name to other men. I’m sorry for you, and I hope this guy is run over by a car and has to spend a few weeks in a hospital.
Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

Super duper enlightened
Sep 9, 2018
I'm sorry DS, that's really shit. It's just one of those things that happens once in a while without there being any real reason for it, so try not to take it personally. It's the price we pay for living in this fucking zoo of a world.

I had my ass grabbed once, at the Amsterdam gay parade a few years ago. I wasn't even participating, I was just out drinking, lol.

But yeah, I hate dudes like that. They're the reason girls have to keep their guards up which fucks it up for the rest of us who would never pull anything like that.


Jul 12, 2018
Why did he laugh at me? Is it just because i look like a monkey with big ass?.
Sorry you went through with that. You don't have to answer but I was wondering what your sex is? I've had a few experiences of being touched or even more that I didn't really want but because I'm male it's never really acknowledged or taken seriously. I was going to say the world is fucked, but honestly people are just fucked and I'm sorry you had that experience.


Oct 5, 2018
Honestly I think you are quite pretty.
No man has right to touch the woman without her consent.
That guy is a coward and a low life and actually an ugly person as he knows that he would never get a consent from any female. That's why he behaved like an animal.