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Amorphous and useless thing
May 24, 2021
So i get covid again, a lot of suicide thoughts, but i remember my parents, my father asked me to remodel his social networks for his business, and it makes me so sad to see that he has no likes, no followers, and he also told me that the last worker who was there just quit. My conscience bothers me to think about committing suicide. What will happen to them when I die? I really want to do it, but I would leave with a great pain on top.


Mar 26, 2020
The fact that you have a tender heart shows that your father has at least one "like", ...you.

As the world increases in collectivizing, it is also becoming more cold and mechanical. Friendship is increasingly rare and love almost impossible to find.

Your capacity for love and sensitivity make you more vulnerable to the effects of a world growing colder. However, there are still people who also seek what you have. The problem is sifting through the majority that are satisfied with a superficial life.

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